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(Signature Mat) (John Hancock)

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Frame with Mat & Fillet & Floatboard (Raphael / Dekeledge)

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Wholesale frames - best sellers

20" x 20", Java Wedge Small Deluxe multi-opening/wall-collage frame with Palm White over Palm White mat

12" x 12" print matted and framed
16" x 16", Bourbon Night Artisan frame with Tuscan Nutmeg with Bourban Night fillet mat

16" x 20" print matted and framed
20" x 24", Savannah Gold Deluxe frame with Tuscan Caramel with Caramel fillet **CALL FOR STOCK** mat

12" x 18" print double-matted and framed
18" x 24", Mediterranean Silver Deluxe frame with Palm White over Palm White mats



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